The Life-Affirming Beauty of New Perspectives

I recently had the huge honor of spending three days at a small and intimate event with the Irish poet and philosopher, David Whyte. True to the Irish tradition of giving voice to the full range of human emotions in poetry and thought, he brought us more deeply into ourselves. To the place where sadness, longing and loss reside alongside love, joy and hope.

David’s thoughts and poetry reached me in exactly the place that I needed to be reached.

Recently, my beloved son moved out of my home and into the home that he has created with his fiancé. I am thrilled for them and love how they love each other.

But, back home, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that my last child has left and is building a life where his “home” is not with me. I have needed to come to terms with the aloneness that this creates, and how I need to reshape my life now. This is my current story and one that I have been trying to avoid thinking about.

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3 Secrets to Relationship Happiness after the Birth of a Baby

Some of my friends have asked me, “How can you suggest that the birth of a baby can cause some marital problems? You might have guessed– those friends don’t have children!

I completely agree that having a baby is a joyous thing. I personally adore my children and am joyful every day that they were born and also that they have grown into amazing adults. Continue reading “3 Secrets to Relationship Happiness after the Birth of a Baby”

3 Warning Signs… [see below]

3 Warning Signs That You are Drifting Apart and How to Stop It!

These three warning signs are ones that many of the couples I have worked with, over the years, have brought up as concerns and topics they fight about.

The main point of all three is that connection, that crucial part of any love relationship, is impaired if these topics aren’t brought up and resolved.

There may not even be a disagreement, but even if there is, ignoring the issues is not the answer. In a successful relationship, these issues are brought into the light of day and figured out together.

Warning Sign #1: At home, you spend more time with your electronic devices than you do with your partner.

Warning Sign #2: You don’t know what your partner worries about.

Warning Sign #3: You spend more time at work or with friends than you spend with your partner.

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How to Become an Unstoppable Couple

Do you ever wonder what makes a couple successful?

Some of them just seem to weather any difficulties that come their way and come out still being loving and connected.

They might have extremely sad experiences—a death of a parent, a business that collapsed, a bad car accident. Even through these, rather than blaming, withdrawing or being angry with one another, they survive and, ultimately thrive. They could be called “unstoppable”? Continue reading “How to Become an Unstoppable Couple”