The Life-Altering Magic of Action Plans

In previous blog entries, I wrote about the importance of planning for the year ahead. This planning involves:

Looking back

• Celebration of what went well, Reflection about things that didn’t go as well
• Lessons learned

Looking forward

• Making a list of goals
• Editing the list to the most important goals
• Figuring out Who you need to be to achieve these goals
• Creating Action Plans so that the goals can be accomplished.

Let’s go deeper into Action Plans

Without Action Plans, we have just made New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions might include statements such as: “I want to be a better friend” or “I want to eat healthier” or “I want to have a cleaner house”.

These all sound good, but, in their current form, they are like wishes. They lack specific steps that could get you closer and closer to achieving your goals.

Without Action Plans for each of your important goals, it is likely that you will either forget about them in a couple of weeks or, experience the failure of accomplishing them.

Another year when you make resolutions and achieve none, or hardly any of them. And who needs that sense of failure?

I know you don’t want to have that feeling of having to “admit” that you failed keep your promises to yourself or your partner.

If you create action plans for each of your goals, however, you have set yourself up for success. Each step makes it more likely that you will get to your goal and have something to celebrate at the end of the year. Action Plans are really the roadmaps to success. They point the way, and with small, discrete steps, you are much more likely to keep driving to the end goal.

I assume, since you’re reading my blog, that enhancing your relationship is a high priority goal for you.

If I’m correct, take some time to write out some goals for your relationship that you want to accomplish this year. Perhaps your list of goals will be things such as:

• Updating your shared vision
• Having more relationship-positive ways of looking at the world and at your relationship
• Becoming masters of communication
• Fighting and arguing less while resolving more issues
• Up-leveling your emotional connection
• Restoring the passion in your relationship

If most or all these resonate with you, I would guess that you would like to have ways to accomplish most, if not all, of these elements.

Here’s the outline for effective Action Planning:

Goal: __________________________________________

Action Steps Date

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

4. 4.

5. 5.

6. 6.

Who do I need to be to accomplish these steps?

What else needs to be in place to accomplish these steps?

For each goal, fill out a separate sheet. List the actions needed to accomplish that goals. Record the date that you want to be finished with that step.

If you would like some guidance, structure and expertise in figuring out your goals and creating actions plans, check this out:

My upcoming course, Flatline to Fabulous has modules which address each of the elements listed above. You can look for the course launch in late January-early February time-frame.

With love,

P.S. –  Stay tuned for more information about the course and other upcoming offers.

P.P.S.- Let me know how your Action Steps list is coming along.

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