Countdown to Holiday Fun

And NO, I don’t mean countdown—go shopping, overspend, get stressed. It’s that time of year that we gather with loved ones, and celebrate according to your individual traditions. Whatever the holidays mean to you, celebrate! And remember that we are lucky to be able to celebrate. Celebrate that you have someone(s) to celebrate with.

If you’re going to be at the airport, look for smiles, and be one who smiles. Spread the love. Recent studies have proved that if you smile, you get happier. That sounds backwards, but it isn’t. Who knew? You can make yourself happier by smiling. And smiles often make others smile. It’s nice that it’s not only germs that are contagious!

Think of the joy and hugs that are waiting for you at the end of the trip. Reuniting with family, sharing traditions, fostering the relationships between grandparents and your children. It’s all good.

In my house, I’m the waiting parent. The thoughts of my adult children (and a fiancé) coming for Christmas creates smiles, tears (of joy), happiness and anticipation. I can’t wait! I want everything to be “perfect”. Of course, it won’t be, but that’s really okay. If we’re together, laughing, eating, playing games and just generally enjoying each other, which I know will happen, then that’s perfection, in my book.

Remember that you can manage your emotional state during the holidays, not just by spreading smiles, but also calming yourself if you get irritated, stressed or anxious. Take time right then to take several calming breaths and as you exhale, relax your tense muscles. It’s a quick and effective way to reduce tension and get back in charge of your emotions. Relaxed body relaxed mind.

I wish you holidays filled with love, joy and gratitude. Could we ask for anything more?

Happy Holidays, my friends.

With love,

PS: Spread smiles and see how people react, and how it feels to you! That’s a gift to you and them.

Next time, we’ll be focusing on steps to making 2018 a great year for you!

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