3 Warning Signs… [see below]

3 Warning Signs That You are Drifting Apart and How to Stop It!

These three warning signs are ones that many of the couples I have worked with, over the years, have brought up as concerns and topics they fight about.

The main point of all three is that connection, that crucial part of any love relationship, is impaired if these topics aren’t brought up and resolved.

There may not even be a disagreement, but even if there is, ignoring the issues is not the answer. In a successful relationship, these issues are brought into the light of day and figured out together.

Warning Sign #1: At home, you spend more time with your electronic devices than you do with your partner.

Warning Sign #2: You don’t know what your partner worries about.

Warning Sign #3: You spend more time at work or with friends than you spend with your partner.

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How to Become an Unstoppable Couple

Do you ever wonder what makes a couple successful?

Some of them just seem to weather any difficulties that come their way and come out still being loving and connected.

They might have extremely sad experiences—a death of a parent, a business that collapsed, a bad car accident. Even through these, rather than blaming, withdrawing or being angry with one another, they survive and, ultimately thrive. They could be called “unstoppable”? Continue reading “How to Become an Unstoppable Couple”

How Couples Can Argue Using Bright Lines

I imagine you have seen couples who have a great relationship and wonder what they are doing differently from you. Do they never argue?  Do they agree on everything?  Like all couples, they do, of course disagree on many things.  However, though, they have figured out some strategies for having arguments without feeling disrespected or attacked.

One of the elements may be that they each have the ability to edit what they say, manage their emotions and be kind to their partner even when they are angry.  One of the most important ways to succeed is to establish some Bright Lines (BLs). Continue reading “How Couples Can Argue Using Bright Lines”

What Do Autumn and Relationships Have in Common?


Autumn is such an exciting season! It is a true transition time, and we can see those changes daily with both the temperature and the leaves dropping.

It’s also harvest—a celebration of the abundance of crops resulting from an abundance of work in the rest of the year.

It begins with celebration of the harvest and warmth, then ends with hunkering down against the cold temperatures. Continue reading “What Do Autumn and Relationships Have in Common?”